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Benefits of Working with a Music Coach vs. Online Learning

Benefits of Working with a Music Coach vs. Online Learning

By: John Dapaah – Piano Coach at Sing House Studios


With our fast paced society and digitally obsessed children, it’s easy to forget the simple things that can tremendously enhance your child’s life and future – like music lessons! Take a look at the benefits of studying piano, vocal, guitar or other instruments.

1)      Improves academic skills and memory

Many studies have proven that learning music has a direct correlation to mathematics and sciences. For example, learning rhythms, scales and beats help children to recognize patterns, divide and create fractions. Having to remember melodies, rhythms and patterns help children improve their short and long term memory. Learning different types of music also introduces them to different cultures and history.

2)      Enhances coordination 

Instruments such as piano and percussion help children develop coordination and motor skills.  These instruments require the use of both hands and feet. String instruments such as violin and guitar require the use of all fingers on both hands simultaneously.

3)      It boosts social skills

Group and ensemble lessons require peer communication and interaction. Playing in a band or an ensemble makes the student realize that he/she has a part to play in a bigger picture. This encourages team work – which can be used beyond the music lessons; from group projects at school and in the workforce.

4)      It teaches discipline and patience

When a child learns to play an instrument, he/she has to practice what they learn.  Without practicing, they will soon realize they are not improving.  Every practice gets them closer to singing or playing the piece they learned. This instills the importance of hard work, discipline and patience.

5)      Promotes self-esteem

Lessons give children an environment to learn and accept constructive criticism. It helps them to accept that no one is perfect and there is always room for improvement. Public recitals and concerts are often a part of taking music lessons. Presenting themselves in public encourages them to be confident and to face their fears in life.


24a499718df2cf2f2919c305a5ec5666_40784079Music lessons can be in a private setting (one-on-one) or in a group setting. There are also online lessons available. For children, private and group lessons are the most beneficial as it gives the opportunity for the instructor to demonstrate in real life. Online lesson can be beneficial but the student must be self-efficient and determined for this to be effective. Most kids need some guidance, especially in the beginning. In short, find your child(ren) a great music teacher. I promise you won’t regret it!

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