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Brianna Glenn | Vocal Coach


Brianna Glenn is a graduate of the Canterbury High School Vocal Arts program. Music has played a large part of her life over the last few years and has opened up many doors. She is also a past student at Sing House Studios. Brianna comes to her role as a vocal coach with a broad range of training from pop to classical. Her taste in music is equally eclectic.

Brianna found her confidence through singing. Quite reserved in person, she uses the stage as the place she can freely express herself. She has performed in a number venues. Her choir was invited to perform with the NAC Orchestra in a major production of A Midsummer’s Night Dream featuring narrator Colm Feore and Alexander Shelley. She has also performed at Disney’s American Idol Experience. A unique attraction that puts participants through the audition, training, performing and judging process that all American Idol participants experience. She won her first show and moved on to the finals coming in second over all.

Brianna looks forward to bringing her passion for music to her teaching. She hopes to inspire her students through music.

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