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How to Build Your Confidence as a Performer

How to Build your Confidence as a Performer

By Anna Ampaw, SHS Piano Coach


As new performers, getting on stage and displaying your talent to the world can be quite nerve-racking. So how do you overcome your nerves to give the best performance ever? Here are a few reminders and tips that will help you overcome your nerves and build your confidence while performing:

  1. YOU are in charge of YOUR confidence level – As performers you are in control of your emotions and your performance, meaning that you can choose whether you want to perform with confidence or not. Many people think that in order to be confident you need to have a strong/bold personality… that is FALSE! Confidence is not a personality trait that you merely have or you don’t have at all. You can be a timid and shy person while also being the most confident performer ever! I mean, look at Beyonce and her alter ego “Sasha Fierce”.
  2. TALK yourself up! – A lot of times a good pep talk is needed to calm our nerves. If there is no one around who can give you a pep talk, why not do it yourself? Tell yourself how awesome you are and how you are going to ROCK the show.
  3. YOU have control over the audience – While performing it is easy to forget that you are in charge. You are the one that has control over the audience, how they feel, and how they respond towards you. Make them enjoy the show, make them want to see more of you. Remind yourself that the audience is there to see you shine!
  4. It all starts in the MIND – Confidence starts with your mind. Once you can convince yourself that you are confident, you will start showing confidence.
  5. Be PREPARED – It’s often easy to worry and to second-guess yourself when you are not fully prepared, which brings down your confidence level. That is why it is important to practice and make sure you are ready to step on stage. It also doesn’t hurt to practice in front of a “fake” audience before the actual performance.
  6. TRUST in yourself – Confidence means to trust in yourself and to trust in your abilities. If you made it on stage, it must mean that you are pretty awesome and pretty talented ☺

We weren’t born to be fearful and hide in the darkness, as a star we were born to shine our light!