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Chord Progressions in Song Writing

By John Dapaah – Piano Coach at Sing House Studios
The chord progression you can use to make an original in 5 minutes!

Writing an original song may not be the easiest thing. Setting the music to your song could be a little easier with these chords!

Try them out and make it your own!

The “I – vi – ii – V” progression

This chord progression is based on the 1st (I), 6th(vi), 2nd(ii) and 5th(V) chords in the key. The upper case roman numerals are for major chords and lower case for minor chords.

Let’s use the key of C major as an example.

1st (I) – C

6th(vi) – Am

2nd (ii) – Dm

5th (V) – G

This progression has an easy flow that can accommodate many different kinds of songs. You can also alter the progression by making the 6th (A) and 2nd (D) major chords. You can also try it in different keys by following the same rules.

Try this out on your next original!