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SHS Tips: How to Stay Motivated While Practicing

How to stay motivated when practicing
student-practicing-piano2By: John Dapaah, SHS Piano Coach

Practicing anything can be a daunting task. Let alone music. How can you make your practice sessions less stressful and more enjoyable?

Here are 5 tips that may help

1. Start slow

It’s not about how fast you practice but how well you do it. I have seen and heard many musicians who learn fast but don’t perform well. Taking the time to practice over and over again strengthens your ability to perform well.

2. Play pieces you enjoy (along the way)

Sometimes we have to play/sing pieces or songs that we don’t necessarily enjoy. When you find yourself in that situation – WORRY NOT! Work on another song or piece that you DO enjoy – Don’t let it be your main focus but having such pieces on the side gives you an incentive to practice the “not so fun” piece so you can get to the “fun” piece!

3. Record yourself

When we sing or play an instrument, our perception of our performance is a lot different from what it actually sounds like. I have played concerts where I thought I didn’t play well. When I played it back it, turns out I played fabulously! After that incident, I started not only recording my concerts but my practice sessions as well. It helps to see your own growth and keeps you motivated.

4. Play for people


Play or sing for your family or friends. Go to a hospital/retirement home and play. Just play for people! Not only will the audience enjoy your performance but you get to test out your pieces and your nerves. If you make a mistake somewhere, you know which sections to work on during your next practice. It helps you practice more efficiently and makes you a better performer!
5. Set a Goal

This is one of the most important things to do. Without a goal, you’re just practicing for nothing. Whether that goal is to be able to play the piece for a recording or for  your self enjoyment, you need to have a target. This will definitely keep you focused on the bigger picture.

Happy Practicing!student-practicing-piano2