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How to Prepare for an Audition

As the 2017/2018 season approaches, so does audition season! Auditions for most University fine arts programs take place in April and May. This may seem far away, but it will arrive faster than you think. The time to start preparing is now, so here is a list of things to think about when auditioning for shows, programs, or competitions!

Know Your Material:

The most important thing in an audition is to know what you are singing and how you’re going to sing it. Most auditions will give you a 60-90 second time-slot for you to prove you are what they are looking for. This is not a lot of time so it is best to know what you are going to be singing to best demonstrate what you can do. For University auditions, however, you will be asked to prepare multiple pieces and sing only a couple. Knowing all of your pieces inside and out will not only prove you are capable of withstanding the program but also shows the panel of judges that you took an appropriate amount time to prepare. Start preparing a few months in advance if time allows, this will ensure you are ready to do anything that comes your way and helps with the nerves too!

Be Prepared For Anything:

Sometimes judges are going to ask you to do some vocal exercises you may have never done before. No need to worry! This is something judge panels do to ensure that you can adapt to any challenge thrown your way throughout the program/competition. They aren’t looking for you to get it perfect, they just want to know you are willing to try.

Dress Appropriately:

Auditions are a chance for you to show off your talent, but no one will take you seriously if you audition in your pjs! Make sure that you dress for the occasion. If it is a University audition wear something semi-formal. If it is for a competition, wear something that showcases who you are.

Prepare for Rejection:

During your time as an artist, you are going to hear the word “no” many times. Do not be discouraged! Most of the time it has nothing to do with your talent, you just aren’t what they are looking for. In most cases, judges will already know what kind of artist they are looking for right down to their image. If you don’t meet those specifics they will not consider you. All you have to do in those cases is move on and keep auditioning! DO NOT sacrifice your values as an artist to fit the mold the judges want. It isn’t worth it. Just keep trying, all of the “no”s make the “yes” that much sweeter.