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Jessica Bianconi | Vocal Coach

Jessica Nicole Bianconi is a future graduate of the Canterbury High School Vocal Arts program and has an enriched background in classical, pop and rock music. She is also a singer/songwriter and has grown up in the Ottawa Music Scene.

She began singing in choirs at a very young age and took part in the Ottawa Catholic Choir and Ottawa Children’s Choir. Jessica is currently classically training under a highly recognized University Professor, from the University of Ottawa and the University of Toronto, Yoriko Tanno Kimmons. She has been certified with the Royal Conservatory of Music since the completion of her Grade 8 Vocal Exam in June 2016.

Jessica has trained with Bernard Fowler, backup vocalist for the Rolling Stones and also recorded under Rob Lamothe, from the band the River Dogs. She has been lead vocalist in many bands and has both written lyrics and composed for them. She is currently releasing an EP with her band Fragile Figures and continues to write solo repertoire.

Jessica believes that the best thing about music is the way people can emotionally engage with one another and loves teaching people freedom of expression through singing.

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