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Anna Ampaw | Piano Teacher


I fell in love with piano because it allowed me to express my emotions, and why not teach something that you love?

Anna Ampaw is a university graduate with a Masters degree in Chemistry but she has always made time to incorporate music in her life. Enrolling in piano lessons at a young age, Anna realized that music was a great way to express herself and she continued to take lessons into her later years. Anna was taught and mentored by John Dapaah, who helped to train her in classical piano but over the past years she has also branched out to learn different genres such as contemporary, pop, gospel and R&B. She enjoys mimicking songs that she hears on the radio while adding her own twist to it.

Anna loves accompanying vocalists and has performed at many talent shows, recitals, and weddings. She is currently a keyboardist at her church where she alongside other musicians accompany a choir and different soloists.

Besides her love for music, Anna also has a passion for teaching. She is an active academic tutor and finds joy in helping students understand concepts that they once found difficult. Anna is excited to pair her love for music and teaching together at Sing House Studios.