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Memories Package

A Special Gift That Will Last a Lifetime…

Whether it is Mom, Dad, Grandparents or a sibling, these special videos will live on forever. For more information about filming a video like these amazing videos featuring Lynn & Whitney, and Rachel & Madison, contact us today. Its not too late to make one as a special Mother’s Day Gift!

What this package includes:

3 1-hour singing lessons/recording sessions and 1 in-house video shoot

Starting at $250

Book Your Memories Package now!

  • Please list the names of all who are participating in the video. List each one on an individual line.
  • Please select the number of videos you wish to make.
    Price: $ 400.00 CAD Quantity:
  • $ 0.00 CAD
  • Please provide any additional information we can use to ensure we place your student in the appropriate program/group.