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Centre Stage: The Showcase Package

Do the bright lights of the stage call to you? Do you love to perform? Then our Showcase Package is for you!

This package is in addition to your regular lessons and features a 1-hour performance workshop with your performance coach. The performance classes will focus on getting comfortable on the stage, holding the microphone and choreography for your performances. This package provides students with the opportunity to audition for our Holiday Showcase and our Year End Showcase as well as 3 tickets to the Holiday Showcase and 5 tickets to the Year End Show.

This package also includes professional photographs and video of the year end show to use as a keepsake or to share with family.

Students can also decide to participate in SHS open mic shows, as well as Caffeine Parties & Hot Cocoa Parties throughout the year.

To inquire about pricing, please complete the contact form.

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