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Terms & Conditions

  1. If I need to reschedule my lesson, I will give our office manager at least 48 hours notice by phoning or e-mailing our office 613-424-0229 on a business day & during business hours (no text message accepted). I can cancel and reschedule it directly through Music Teacher’s Helper as well. If I do not give that notice, I cannot be guaranteed a make- up class. Our hours of operation:  Monday-Thursdays 10am-9pm, Saturdays 10am-4pm, CLOSED on Fridays & Sundays.
  2. I understand that in order to get the best results, commitment is key. I will not miss more than 3 classes this year. I understand that if I miss more than 3 classes I may not be able to get a make-up class, even with 48 hour notice.
  3. All make-up credits must be made-up within the term start & end date.  These dates are in Music Teacher’s Helper.  The make-up credits are cancelled if not booked in by this time.
  4. If I sign on, I commit to staying at SHS for the entire term (full season runs from Sep to Jun, Summer is from Jul-Aug).  I understand that I need this many months to develop my voice and I am taking this as a binding commitment between myself and Sing House Studios.  Sing House Studios does not refund and payments must be made in full until the term is over. Make-up lesson credits must be closed by the end of each term and cannot be carried over into the following term.
  5. Post-dated cheques must be made out to “Sing House Studios Inc.” and they must be dated for the 1st of each month.
  6. I will make sure that my payment is met by the date indicated on the cheques given to my teacher. **If you think your cheque will bounce, the best thing to do is let our office manager know ahead of time to avoid the banking fee. If this happens too often, another form of payment will need to be arranged or it may result in suspension or could be cause for dismissal.
  7. I understand that if my cheque bounces or payments are late, I will be charged a $25 fee.
  8. I understand that change happens and that if my teacher decides to stop teaching mid-way through the year, that I will be transferred to an equally qualified coach that will take his/her place.
  9. My vocal coach is not responsible for any abuse I do to my vocal chords outside singing lessons. They are fragile and must be given the proper care needed. I also understand that practice is needed if I am going to increase the difficulty of songs.
  10. I understand that during the course of the year, photos and video may be taken of my performances. These photos may appear on our website, on our social media channels and used for promoting the school in general.
  11. I understand that most, if not all communication, will be done through Music Teachers Helper where I can access all files, see my lesson schedules, sign up for shows, workshops and book make-up/extra classes. I have logged into Music Teacher’s Helper and noted all our important dates. It is my responsibility to visit the calendar for appointment reminders. www.musicteachershelper.com.
  12. I understand that any videos, status updates, or postings made to my social media channels reflect the reputation of Sing House Studios.
  13. I should follow Sing House Studios on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter & Instagram – All our important updates that are outside of Music Teacher’s Helper are found on these sites or in our newsletters.
  14. It is recommended that parents sit in on the first class; however afterwards, the classes are with the student only. If you wish to sit in on a class mid-way through, please e-mail your teacher directly to coordinate.
  15. I have carefully read what my entire package this year includes. If I am unsure, I will visit our website or phone our office at 613-424-0229.
  16. I understand that after the year is over, all recordings saved on our computers will be deleted to free space on the computer for the following year. It is the student’s responsibility to bring a USB in class to save the material if needed. A 16-32 GB memory device is recommended, as the files are large.