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Angela Marie

They say that life is not measured by every breath you take, but by every moment that takes your breath away. Every day in the life of Angela Marie is about creating one of those moments.

From a very young age Angela has been a fighter for her love and passion for country music. Nightly on stage she bares her heart and soul in hopes of attaining the dreams of many and the realities of few. A career in country music.

Angela started singing at a very young age (like everyone always says). She grew up singing in the choir and participating in every school talent show. Eventually, she became the singer at every event for her high school, singing the anthems, running the music for school masses, performing at coffee houses, fashion shows and fundraisers. Anywhere she could get her hands on a mic, she would sing. Her first competition was when she was 14 for Kiwanis Idol and she came in the top 20. At age 16 she took another swing at the competition and this time placed 3rd. As Angela grew her confidence was exploding and at age 17 took 1st place.

At age 19, Angela received her gold ticket from the judges making it through to the top 200 on Canadian Idol. She later went on to open for 2009 winner Theo Tams. Angela then kept herself busy writing and performing countless shows (including the anthems for the Ottawa 67’s and Ottawa Senators) to hone her already powerful voice. The contest wins throughout the next few months were beginning to showcase her growth not only as an artist, but as a force to be reckoned with.

In 2011 the time had come for Angela to release her own music. The words and melodies that had been festering away as she worked tirelessly were not going to sit dormant any longer. She went to the heart of country, Nashville, Tennessee to record her first EP. Her first single “As Good As It Gets” garnered strong airplay in a number of US markets and the song reached #18 on the Powersource Country Top 75 charts. With the list of contest wins and successful radio play, she has had the opportunity to open for country stars Rory Gardiner and Aaron Pritchett and has made more trips to Nashville for label showcases at The Rutledge.

In the fall of 2012 Angela was pushing forward gearing up for her pending move to Nashville. Through mutual friends she was put together with singer /songwriter Jason Wilkinson and Songwriter/ Producer Dan Swinimer. Jason and Dan were both from former Island/Def Jam Records band Jet Black Stare. Dan had just signed with RGK entertainment and was looking for new artists to work with. Jason and Angela worked together on a new EP and recorded it with Dan in Vancouver at his Manicdown Productions studio.

The new songs portray an Angela Marie that shows no sign of backing down from what she believes in. The music showcases a fresh, fiery voice with a beautiful subtleness to melt the hardest of hearts. Angela’s song “Give Him Love” is about Dennis, the little brother of her good friend Erik Gudbranson of the Florida Panthers. Dennis was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia and went through years of treatment including a bone marrow transplant. The story is about his battle and the experiences of his amazing family. The Canadian Cancer society of Ontario, the Canadian Blood Services committee and the Childrens Hospital of Eastern Ontario have all asked to use the song for various promotional material. The song is emotional while portraying strength and the desire to keep strong against the odds.

Homewrecking Heartbreaker is the “I’m better off without you” summertime country rock song. Different from what’s on the market today, its shows Angela’s “I can stand on my own strength” of being. Not to mention a chorus that gets stuck in your head forever…
Too Little Too Late is the emotional power ballad that explores the “I took you for granted” angle and its too late to change. Angela’s voice transfixes in the heartfelt verses and soars in the choruses showing the broad range of a girl who has worked tremendously hard.

The EP is set for release in summer of 2013 and Give Him Love is already starting to make its way to radio.

Whether it’s a smile, a kiss or a little bit of heartbreak. Angela wants to live it and tell you about it. She will never settle for good or good enough. Country music is about the story and Angela Marie is writing a great one.

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