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Michelle Treacy


Michelle Treacy (Sony Music Canada) – 5 year SHS Alumni

She never ran in gym class and she never made homecoming queen, but somehow Michelle (pronounce ME SHELL, like the Beatles song) Treacy finds a way to tap into the spirit of our emotions.

Driven by a need to create music that empowers, the indie pop artist always seems to have something to say. Her songs are dark, unique and quirky, while her voice is dripping with angst and emotion.

“When I sing,” says Treacy, “I am always feeling something, and I try to do everything in my power to take the listener on the same emotional journey that I’m on at the time.”

The seventeen-year-old Irish-Canadian had her introduction into the arts at the age of six, and with songs in feature films, numerous modeling credits to her name, and her debut single streeting this summer, Michelle is well on her way to being a force in the arts!

“Even though I’m young, I’ve had some pretty dark moments,” says Treacy, “from a close friend’s suicide to the BS with bullies I’ve had to put up with at school. But I guess it’s okay since that seems to be where most of my ideas and music come from.”

Michelle performed with Lady Gaga in 2014 at her Montréal concert and is currently working on her debut album set to release soon.


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