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Phia Lynne


Phia Lynne – 5 year SHS Alumni

When your neighbor mistakes your six-year-old voice rising from the window for a song playing on the radio, it can be a safe bet that a career in music is in your future. Such is the case for Canadian pop artist Phia Lynne. The 23-year-old singer-songwriter from Ottawa is using her unique style of pop backed by orchestral-like arrangements to deliver messages of empowerment and personal strength.

      Ever since her first stage performance as a child, Phia has dedicated herself to entertaining her fans, known as PHIAnatics, and learning about the inner-workings of the music industry from mentors like former Taylor Swift manager Rick Barker. Whether she is impressing audiences on the microphone or the piano, Phia’s uplifting lyrics and music are capturing the attention of fans ranging from twenty-somethings to Baby Boomers.

      When Phia isn’t focusing her energy on music, she can be found participating in healthy activities, including badminton, yoga, biking and cross country running. She is also active in her church choir in addition to performing at various weddings and other special events. Phia is also a supporter of causes that raise awareness about bullying, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

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