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How Singing Lessons Promote Confidence

Extracurricular activities have a huge impact on a child’s self-esteem. Whether they are learning to cooperate by playing on a team, or by learning independence through sleep-away summer camps, a child learns many life skills by taking part in activities away from home.

Singing lessons, or music lessons in general, are a great way for your child to gain and build confidence in a secure setting. Music is a discipline that requires discipline and a creative mind. Once a student masters a piece, performs for the first time, or simply learns the words to their favourite song, they gain self-confidence in knowing that they can do it, no matter how difficult.

Music teachers urge their students to try new things and go out of their comfort zones, but only after they’ve established a trusting relationship. Being willing to take a step into the unknown with someone they’ve only just met not only builds confidence, but also encourages a sense of adventure and exploration in life.

Confidence is also gained through making mistakes. During their first performance, a child may forget their words or sing the wrong words at the wrong part. After the performance, they may feel devastated and upset with themselves. At their next lesson, the child and the teacher will discuss what happened and will come to the agreement that mistakes are to be made if we want to learn. Little by little, the child will develop more confidence in their skills and let the mistakes go, knowing that they will learn from them afterwards.

A lot of the time, confidence is gained simply because someone outside of the child’s immediate family believes in them and their skills. This is especially true during the preteen years when kids start to think that no one understands them, or that everyone is just being nice to them because they are family. Having someone to not only applaud their talent but also honestly point out there mistakes, makes them feel more confident in themselves.

Finally, performances play a huge role in building that sense of confidence. Putting themselves out there and relying on the reaction of strangers is terrifying, but going through that experience makes everything else seem a little less scary. It takes time and practice to perform in a professional manner, but after each show your child will feel a sense of accomplishment, one that would be much harder to achieve on their own.

If you are thinking of signing your child up for singing lessons, do not hesitate! The friendly staff at Sing House will help your child grow into a confident adult, and provide them with the gift of music!