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How Should You Structure Your Practice Sessions?

How Should You Structure Your Practice Sessions?
By: Anna Ampaw – Piano Coach at Sing House Studios
There are many ways to practice. Here is how I practice.
 1. Techniques

I always start with techniques – play all the scales, chords, and arpeggios. Start slowly then gradually increase the tempo. I can spend anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours on techniques depending on how long I have to practice.

2. Sight-reading

I like to sight read pieces that I’m not working on. It’s a fun and less intense way to ease into “practice mode”. Also, the more sight-reading you do, the better you get at it – therefore, it helps you learn new pieces and songs A LOT faster!

3. “Practice mode”

This is where I dissect the pieces and songs I am working on. I break them up into sections and focus on the sections with the most challenges. To have an effective practice session, you MUST break the piece/song into sections. It can be tedious at times but it will pay off – TRUST ME!

4. Breaks

Take breaks, they can actually help you focus. In the past, I would practice about 4 – 5 hours without a break, after those practice sessions I would feel exhausted and burnt out. To the point where I felt the practice was not effective. So take breaks, not too long, but take them!

Hope this helps some budding musicians out there!