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The Benefits of Networking

In order to get the most out of our lives, we need to get out there and make connections! The same goes for anything in your life, including your voice lessons. Most opportunities to grow and develop social skills are presented through curricular and extracurricular activities we sign ourselves and our children up for.

In order to get the best developmental value from your voice lessons, it is important to take advantage of everything there is to offer. Now more than ever, the importance of community is at a record high.

In a world where millions of people are able to connect with each other via the internet, we begin to lose touch with the people around ourselves resulting in introverted behaviour and the development of self-isolation and anxiety issues. In order to combat these behavioural problems, parents are signing their kids up for more social activities to get them off of the phone and connecting with other people.

At Sing House, we offer individualized voice lessons as well as group lessons for the singers looking for a more social experience. The sense of community is one of the most important values for our studio, so how can we implement that in a largely individualized space? Simple, host group activities!

From workshops to caffeine parties, our students get together to celebrate their love of music and make friends who share their same passions. They are presented with a group of kids their age who share many of the same interests, making socialization less daunting (and actually fun)!

Having said all of this, when and where are all of these events? If you haven’t already received an email about an upcoming event, ask your child’s teacher to let you know of any events. Our Facebook page also has all the information for our parties and workshops. You can register your children through Music Teacher’s Helper, or ask your teacher to, if you are unsure of MTH (there will be a post about that soon!!).

The best part about all of this? The parties are FREE as part of your registration at Sing House (score)! You can also bring your friends for $5. We look forward to seeing you all there and getting to know you more! Remember we are all #singingaddicts, we should take any and every opportunity to sing and share our passion for music! Who knows, you could form the next Swift Squad!