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How to Record the Best Cover Video

Here are 5 steps to recording your best cover video yet!

1. The Recording:

The most important part of a cover video is the music that accompanies it. Make sure you take your time with the recording and only say you’re done when you are 100% happy with the way it sounds. It is a reflection of you and your style so have fun with it! It helps to choose a song you have an emotional connection with, listeners can really tell when you are giving a genuine performance. Don’t just choose a song because it is popular!

2. Preparing to Film

Film day is not something you just wait for. You have to practice singing along with yourself because chances are you don’t sing it the exact same way as the original artist. Ask your teacher to send you the audio recording so you can practice singing with yourself ahead of time! It helps to practice in front of a mirror so you can see your facial expressions and make sure they fit with the mood of the song. You don’t want to be singing a sad song with a huge smile on your face!

3. Dressing For the Part:

Make sure that when you come to film your video, you look the way you want to look. Each of your cover videos is a reflection of yourself and your style, so don’t be afraid to express yourself! If you forget about your filming session and arrive in PJs, feel free to request to wait until the next lesson to film. How you portray yourself via your style of clothing says a lot about the kind of artist you are. If you are looking to make your video public this is key. Make it so people will want to work with you. That being said, NEVER sacrifice your values as an artist to fit what is “popular”.

4. Sing Along:

During filming, most people will lip synch to their track. While this can be a good approach, most often it comes off as looking fake. That is because when we form words without sounds, we tend to exaggerate the shapes. Don’t be afraid to make some noise! Sing with as much passion you did in the recording, the sound from the video won’t be used in the final video. Singing along also triggers your muscle memory, making it less likely you’ll forget your words.

5. Redo:

If you aren’t completely satisfied with your performance or messed up big time on some lyrics, don’t be afraid to ask to redo the video! Your teachers want you to be happy with your recording. That being said, nothing will ever be perfect so don’t sweat the small things. Most people won’t even realize you’ve made an error! Make sure you have fun with your recording, there will be plenty more to come and practice makes perfect!

Now that you’ve learned all of the secrets, you’re ready to film your cover video! Have fun!



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